Condensate Drain Care

Why Air Conditioning Drain-Lines Clog

Algae Drain Clogs

Air Conditioners are constantly removing moisture from the air. This moisture collects on the air conditioning cooling coil and drips down, (as water), into the air conditioner drain pan. This water is clean and provides a great environment for algae to grow. This algae flows and grows in the drain line. Slowing down the flow and eventually completely clogging the drain-line.

The use of condensate pan and drain tablets used on a regular basis will minimize this growth.

Dirt Drain Clogs

Inefficient, dirty or loose fitting filters will cause clogging. Dirt passing through inefficient air filters will clogged the cooling coil, reduce cooling, and eventually flow and clog the drain-line.

Newer high efficient air filters do a great job at removing dirt from the air. However, these filters may clog sooner, because the filter material is tighter and will remove more dirt. These type filters need to be checked to determined the best time interval to replace them.
Once ANY air filter starts to clog, the air flow is restricted from passing through the filter and will start to pull dirty air from air leaks around the filter, penetrations in the air handler housing and even the drain line. This will cause a reverse water flow in the drain-line, preventing the dirt to flow out of the drain line. A good sign of this is a popping sound from the drain line. (If more than one unit is connected to a common drain-line riser, the popping sound may be coming from a different unit with a clogged filter).

Be sure your air filter is clean, seal any penetrations in the air handler housing and be sure the drain line has a trap.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1 Slime-Away tablet can last an entire normal cooling season. Use 1 Slime-Away yellow tab for each 7  tons or less of air conditioning. Place 1 Slime-Away tablet in the condensate pan and position so that the condensing moisture drips on or runs over the Slime-Away tab. The dissolving action forms a gel and locks the Slime-Away into place, slowly releasing treatment for extended cleaning action.

$12.00 each (Includes shipping)
$20.00 for 2 bottles   (Includes shipping)

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$85.00 for Box of 15 (Includes shipping)

Use EVER-CLEAN TABS and eliminate most of the extra maintenance problems such as odors, overflows and water damage caused by plugging condensate drains and pans. EVER-CLEAN TABS are easy to use, completely soluble, do not form any deposits in the pan or drain, are safe, non-toxic, and noncorrosive. EVER-CLEAN TABS clean sludge, scum and other accumulations in condensate drain pans preventing the odors caused by these accumulations.

DIRECTIONS: For the initial application, in order to clean out heavy accumulations, use at least 2 tabs for each 1.5 tons. ROUTINE MAINTENANCE: place 1 tab for every 1.5 tons each month. Position tabs so that the condensing moisture drips or runs over the tablet, plating the pan for positive and prolonged cleaning action. For larger units, repeat above dosage for each 1.5 tons of condensate drain pan.

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A/C Drain Line Condensate Tablet Dispenser

Be sure drain lines stay clear with a drain-line tablet dispenser. Designed to fit into a 3/4″ PVC drain line, near the Air Handler.
With removable cap, just drop in a condensate tablet as needed. The dispenser is oversize to maintain 3/4”, so it doesn’t impede water flow and has a Stainless-Steel screen to prevent the tablet from being washed down the drain-line.

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