Looking to Reduce Your Clogged Air Conditioning Drain Line Call Backs?

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Inside Your Drainline

Drain clogs like these are very common and difficult to completely clear



Compressed air and/or wet vacuum alone will not remove the pipe wall build up, causing clogs to become more frequent.


Broken up Debris

Chopped up Algae that has accumulate over a long period of time.


A major problem with air conditioning condensate drainage, is the lack of any device to break up the wall buildup in condensate drain piping. Vacuums and compressed air pressure alone, are a short term fix as they will only create a small channel in the piping and will eventually clog again.

Over years, the build up of mineral and algae inside condensate drain piping, become almost impossible to clear, in some cases cannot be cleared at all and require the installation of a costly new drain piping system. Not to mention water damage from leaks and mold.

Currently, the majority of condensate drain piping, is relatively small, (3/4" & 1") where 90 degree elbows are typically used in place of sweeping 90 degree elbows, that will not allow a typical plumbing drain clearing devices to clear clogged piping.

The Smartsnake will enable technicians, to guide a drainpipe clearing tip, connected to the end of a 20' long stainless steel flexible shaft, that can pass through 3/4" PVC 90 degree elbows, break up mineral and algae build up while being wet vacuumed out.

This will reduce the time, energy and cost, involved in clearing clogged or replacing condensate drain piping.



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